23 Feb Small Business Programs Office – (SBPO) Newsletter February 2016 – Vol. 3

JPL SBPO CORNER: The number one question that is asked of the NASA/JPL Small Business Programs Office (SBPO) is "How Can We Do Business with NASA/JPL?" The real answer is: by establishing, building and maintaining relationships with us! The usual follow-up question is "How Can We Start the Dialogue?" The short answer is: connect with the end-user. The long answer is: we work to match your skills with the needs of the projects. The SBPO team facilitates the introductions, meetings and follow-up. Although NASA/JPL and our large business partners have various goals within the small business categories, the objective for entering into...

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05 Nov Space Shuttle Ceremony Artistic Program Greeted by Rave Reviews

LOS ANGELES—Following its tour-de-force performances at the Space Shuttle Endeavour arrival ceremony, held in Los Angeles on September 21, the Open Music Society Foundation (OMSF) received enthusiastic acclaim for its role in the historic event. The artistic program of the ceremony drew praise from celebrities, elected officials, the leadership of the California Science Center, and event sponsors, who witnessed the homecoming of the spacecraft up-close at Los Angeles International Airport. In her opening remarks, Mistress of Ceremonies Nichelle Nichols, a singer and actress famed for her role as Uhura in the Star Trek series, asked for a big round of applause for...

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05 Nov What to do to make your data center facility last longer?

Data centers today are like a living organism. They are a complex mix of many elements that either work together or against each other if the correct balance is not engineered. Like living organisms every data center is different. Two data centers may have the same square footage, power, air conditioning, and number of racks but by having different business requirements need different approaches to rack layout, rack density, power distribution and air flow. A critical question to consider when you have enough headroom for growth is how to configure to maximize longevity while allowing for ease of expansion. In this...

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